15 July
Hey this is Yutsuki/Yuko (you can call me either.)This journal is a place where i can display icons that i make, and from time to time i also make banners. I started using photoshop in 2004 when i found mewmewforums.com, which is a place that i was very fond of visiting. I was first inspired to make icons by Lemon aka forbiddenwaltz and Kuri aka _kuri_ i received heaps of help and advice, which lead to an obsession with photoshop and making icons. Although years passed and i've slowly lost interest in photoshop, i still find time to icon, mostly in the anime/manga genre.
Currently 17 turning 18, i am an extremely lazy slob with my favourite pastime sleeping. I like things clean and orderly, although sometimes things get outta control... I lose interest in things quickly and often you can find me starting off something and never finishing it.

I attend high school and have a part-time job at a bookstore. I play piano and have passed grade 7 ABRSM examinations and i use to play the cello, but due to lack of interest i gave up. 2008 is my last year in high school, and i'm one of the lost sheep with no idea of what to do in the future. In school my favourite subject is Design, and the only subject i take this year that i despise is Statistics. Other subjects include Painting, Music, and Web Design.
I use an photoshop 6.0, and almost all brushes online dont work in this old crappy version, so i have a vast collection of imagepacks sorted into various folders. Because of this i sometimes lose the name of the creator of some resources and i apologize deeply for this problem. These are currently the names of the users which i have taken brushes, textures, or anything else from:

arisubox colorfilter ohfreckle firithel_icons myrasis colorfilter i_consent inxsomniax teh_indy ownthesunshine braggadocio ewanism iroka arisubox _joni soaked 77words meleada anais_dirge acidroses 9thaquilo dearest toybirds dusty_memories evastefania girlboheme firaga _icongrapher dearest kaien_kun melodea ruthenia_alba silverqe and scarsonchest

My icon tables thanks to 77words
Layout profile thanks to reversescollide
Layout many thanks to passing_girl
(All Banners/Color Editing - yutsuki)

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